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Founded by the late Lloyd Morgan in 1956 as Morgan Power Apparatus, Morpac has been an electric utility supplier for more than 60 years. We have produced over 400 transmission line pullers and tensioners. Our cable handling expertise is highlighted by one of the world's longest spans, 19,000 feet in British Columbia, Canada. Field experience gained from over 50,000 miles of transmission line construction on five continents and unique jobs ranging from aerial trams to mooring winches have made Morpac Industries the leader in reliable cable handling equipment.

In 1962 Morgan Power Apparatus of Canada was formed, introducing a series of heavy-duty off-road crawlers. The capability of these machines to carry up to 60 tons over rough terrain at 20 miles per hour made them ideal for use on transmission line projects to transport equipment and supplies. Because of their outstanding durability, speed and capacity we adapted over 1,000 crawlers into rock drills, portable spars, and supply carriers for the logging and mining industries.

In 1974 Morpac complemented the electric utility market with the acquisition of a high voltage disconnect switch company. More than 50,000 substation and distribution switches ranging from 7.5kV to 500kV have been installed throughout the world, as well as 1,300 stored energy operators for automation of distribution switches.

In 1998 Morpac acquired the switch product division of MEMCO Manufacturing out of Commack, New York. The MEMCO operations have been relocated to Morpac's manufacturing facility in Tucson, Arizona.

Our unique nutating magnetic motor has been packaged as an electric valve actuator for numerous navy vessels, commercial ships, nuclear plants and water treatment facilities. We have manufactured over 20,000 nutating motor valve actuators with an impressive reliability and quality history.

As you can see, Morpac is a highly diversified manufacturing/engineering company with a broad background in product development for specific industries. We offer a well-trained staff ready to meet the next challenge with all of our field proven experience.

As always, if you have any questions or desire further information about Morpac Industries, we or our representative are available to assist you.

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