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Morpac Industries, Inc. Sidebar 90-180 Degree Valve Types -- Morpac Actuator Division

This type of actuator is characterized by the ball or butterfly types of valves, where total movement of the valve is accomplished in a rotation of 90 degrees. These actuators are fairly universal in their application on these types of valves, and can be readily changed from one valve to another, with minimal or no changes required in position limit switch settings. These actuators are factory set up at a true 90 degree position. Only minor adjustments in the field would be required for errors in couplings, keyways or shaft variations. Each actuator has provision for independent setting of Open and Close torque.

10001 Illustrates a 2.5 inch Military ball valve per Navy drawing 803-5001003-A941. This version has 4 Bolt Flanged mounting per MIL-F-20042C 250 lb. This style is used with a remote control box. Full open or closed 90°. 2.5 inch military ball valve
10002 Illustrates a 3 way version of the Ball Valve, which provides a common feed to 2 alternate services, or inversely, 2 sources to feed a single requirement. This valve is per Navy drawing 803-5001003-B742. The 1.5 inch size is illustrated. As above, the mounting is bolted flanges, instead of the more typical sil-braze found in this size. This allows rapid exchange of the valve and actuator as a unit, and the large flanges add stiffness to the piping where a small diameter pipe is supporting the entire structure. This assembly has 180 degrees of rotation total. Optional would be an "OFF" position in the middle, where neither port was connected to the flow from the center. This view shows the version for use with a remote controller. 2.5 inch military ball valve

10003 depicts a common Butterfly Valve application. This shows a 5" Military "High Performance" type valve, manufactured to meet Specification Mil-V-24624. The yoke adapter shown permits adjustment of the valve stem packing, with removing the actuator from the valve. The actuator base has a window to view the mechanical position of the valve stem, and includes adjustable mechanical stops. These stops limit overtravel of the valve when manually operated by the handwheel. Total travel is 90 degrees. Version for use with a remote controller shown.
2.5 inch military ball valve